The sermons listed on this page are presented each week at the Vineyard Church of Federal Way.  Our pastors Dr. Gary GeorgesonCindy Jury and Outreach Pastor, Jared Paxton, are powerful, bible-based teachers who bring God's truth to life each week with down-to-earth dialogue, inspiring illustrations, practical applications and even a little humor.  Listen and be transformed by the Word of God.

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Celebration Sunday - Living a Called Life

05.21.17 - This "Celebration Sunday", all four of our pastors share short messages about “living the called life”, what this means in their lives and how they strive to walk out this calling in our church.  Listen and be encouraged as they share from their hearts. And, open your heart to what the Lord may be saying to you about the life you are living, the calling you have and how your life is affecting those around us.

A Mother's Sacred Calling

05.14.17 - In this message, Pastor Gary Georgeson brings us the moving story of Hannah from the Bible book of 1st Samuel.  When we first meet her, Hannah is a hurting woman with a deep passion for God's gift of motherhood.  Her prayers and commitment to the Lord are inspiring and enlightening for every mother --and grandmother--today! Celebrate Mother's Day by opening your heart to God's Word on the sacred calling of motherhood.

"Someday" and "Almost" - Pastor Gary Georgeson05.07.17 - In this message, from Acts 23-26, Paul meets two couples who have everything the world has to give, however their lives are broken and they are in desperate need of Jesus. The problem is, they will have to change their lifestyles. What they do at the moment of decision is a powerful lesson to us all.

The Power of a Story - Pastor Gary Georgeson

04.30.17 - In this message, from Acts 21-23, we find Paul in Jerusalem, having been severely beaten by a rioting crowd.  Before being dragged off to jail, Paul asks to address the crowd. What he says is an example of the most powerful and authentic form of evangelism available to us today. We can learn from Paul’s example AND the powerful testimnony of Laurie Hoggard, a member of our own congregation, about what God has done in her life.    

The Only Race that Matters - Pastor Cindy Jury

04.23.17 In this message, Pastor Cindy will explore what God has for each of us from Acts chapter 20, in which Paul expresses, “… I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” 

Living the Life of Your Dreams - Easter Message

04.15.17 - What is the life of your dreams? What does it look like? Is it stree-free, happy, filled with success and...what?  In this powerful Easter message, Pastor Gary looks at the elusive “life of our dreams” and compare it to the life that Jesus offers us, something He calls “life eternal”. You may just find that the path to the life of your dreams is right before you.  Will you follow it?

Dying to Live - Pastor Gary Georgeson

04.09.17 - This powerful message by Pastor Gary is about the amazing things Jesus said and did that first Palm Sunday.  Listen as Jesus tells us why He had to die and why, actually, we do too!

Filled by the Holy Spirit  - Pastor Jared Paxton

04.02.17 - In this message, Pastor Jared continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. In Acts 19, Paul prays for 12 Christians to be baptized the Holy Spirit and “they spoke in languages they had not known before. They also prophesied.”(Acts 19:6) Listen as Jared unravels this compelling story and helps us understand what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Longing for the Unknown God - Pastor Gary Georgeson

03.19.17 - This morning, Pastor Gary continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts.   He is preaching out of Acts Chapter 17, which is Paul’s famous sermon on Mars Hill.  Paul’s message can easily be applied to our own lives as it tells us how we can be a light for Jesus in a culture that does not know God.

Embracing the Word of God - Pastor Cindy Jury

3.12.17 - In this message, Pastor Cindy Jury continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. She is preaching out of Acts 17, where we find two groups of people who respond very differently to the hearing of God’s Word. Which group are you?

03.05.17 - In this message, Pastor Gary continues the series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. The end of Acts 15 tells the story of Paul and Barnabas, two Christian leaders who have a serious disagreement. Relationship clashes are a part of life and we can learn a lot as we discover how these two Christian leaders react in this challenge. You may even find yourself taking sides!

Religion of Works or Relationship of Grace - Pastor Gary Georgeson

02.26.17 - Open your bible to Acts 15 and ready your heart for a message on what God wants from you as you come into His family. Whether you are a “seeker”, new to God’s family or you have been His child for decades you will benefit from this insightful message


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