The sermons listed on this page are presented each week at the Vineyard Church of Federal Way.  Our pastors Dr. Gary GeorgesonJared Paxton, and Cindy Jury (former pastor), are powerful, bible-based teachers who bring God's truth to life each week with down-to-earth dialogue, inspiring illustrations, practical applications and even a little humor.  Listen and be transformed by the Word of God.


The Struggle is REAL

04.22.18 - Loving the way Jesus calls us to love, while dealing with our sin and evil thoughts and desires, is a REAL challenge. In this message, Pastor Jared will continue our journey through the book of Romans, and help us discover how to love authentically and combat the evils we face.

 Sermon #10 - Using Your Spiritual Gifts for God and Others

Sermon #10 - Using Your Spiritual Gifts for God and Others

Using Your Spiritual Gifts for God and Others

04.16.18 - In this message, Pastor Gary helps us discover that not only has God poured out His grace on us, but He has also given us  unique spiritual gifts. There is nothing more thrilling, more joyful, more meaningful, more fulfilling than to use the unique gifts given to you for God’s purposes in His kingdom. Listen and get a clearer picture of the unique gifts given to you, and how you can use your gifts in the eternal unfolding of God’s glory.

 Sermon #9 - How Then Shall We Live?

Sermon #9 - How Then Shall We Live?

How Then Shall We Live?

04.08.18 - This message continues with our series through the Book of Romans. Pastor Gary teaches from Chapter 12, which is the major turning point of this letter. Previously, Paul has taught us why we need a Savior and how to accept Him. In this talk, we will learn, on a practical level, how to live out our salvation and worship God with our daily lives.

 A Walk to Remember - An Easter Message

A Walk to Remember - An Easter Message

A Walk to Remember

04.01.18 - We all can experience disappointments in life that cause us to get off track. In this Easter message, Pastor Gary leads us through the story of two followers of Jesus who had lost all hope after He died on the cross. But, Jesus had a surprising plan that day to turn them around. Let God speak to you through the words and actions of Jesus, who gave His life for you.

         Here Comes the King ...On a Donkey?

        Here Comes the King ...On a Donkey?

Here Comes the King ... On a Donkey?

03.25.18 - When you imagine a King coming to town, how do you picture it? Today, Pastor Jared will take a look at John chapter 12, the narrative of Jesus, our King, entering Jerusalem. There are two different stories at work here. Listen and decide which one you would like to be a part of.

 Sermon #8 - Why Does God Allow His Children to Suffer?

Sermon #8 - Why Does God Allow His Children to Suffer?

Why Does God Allow his chidlren to Suffer?

03.18.18 - This message, by Pastor Gary, addresses something we all face in life – Suffering. Why do God's children suffer?  What do we do when answers to prayer don't come? Romans Chapter 8, one of the most profound chapters in the Bible, has answers to these questions.  Listen today for the Lord’s Word to you about His wonderful purpose and glorious promise in suffering.

 Sermon #7 - The Power to Change

Sermon #7 - The Power to Change

The Power to Change

03.11.18 -  Have you ever tried to change something about yourself, like a bad habit or unhealthy behavior? It’s difficult to do, isn't it?  In this message, Pastor Gary continues our series through the book of Romans, using Romans 8 to help you rediscover the unique Gift that God gives Christians. How does this precious Gift work? Listen and find out how can you use it to get free and stay free of your old nature!

 Sermon #6 - The Secret to a Life of Freedom

Sermon #6 - The Secret to a Life of Freedom

The Secret to a Life of Freedom

03.04.18 - Believe it or not,  freedom is not being free to do what you want. True freedom is much different and much more fulfilling. In this message from Romans, chapter 6, the Apostle Paul reveals the secret to a life of true freedom.  Listen and out how the choices you make every day can either hinder or enable you to walk in true freedom in your life.

 Sermon #5 - The Joy of Our Salvation

Sermon #5 - The Joy of Our Salvation

The Joy of Our Salvation

02.25.18 - In this message, Pastor Gary continues with the sermon series through the book of Romans. Open your bible to Romans, chapter 5, and listen as Paul reflects on the incredible joy that is ours because of our salvation through Jesus Christ. Open your heart and let the Holy Spirit bring this truth alive for you today.

 Sermon #4 - What Makes You Right With God?

Sermon #4 - What Makes You Right With God?

What Makes You Right With God?

02.18.18 - Romans 4 tells us that Abraham discovered what made him right with God.  Was it his good deeds or something else? In this message, Pastor Jared will answer the question, “What Makes You Right with God?” and journey with you by looking at the importance of faith in your life.

 Sermon #3 - And Now ... The Good News

Sermon #3 - And Now ... The Good News

And Now...The Good News

02.11.18 - In the last message, in Romans 1:18-3:20, we heard the Bad News: We are completely, and totally lost, and unable to do anything about it. In this message, from Romans 3:21-31, we hear the Good News: God has paid the price and miraculously rescued us from the destruction ahead. Listen with an open heart as Pastor Gary describes what Jesus has done for us to make us Righteous!

 First ...the Bad News - Sermon #2

First ...the Bad News - Sermon #2

First...the Bad News

02.04.18 - In this message, Pastor Gary continues in our series on Romans by looking at Romans 1:18 – Romans 2. In these passages, Paul communicates some pretty bad news; bad news that is true for each of us. This harsh truth is very hard to face, but it holds HOPE for us. Let’s go on this journey with Paul and see where God’s unsettling message takes us. Buckle up. It’s a wild ride.


 Getting Right with God - Sermon #1

Getting Right with God - Sermon #1

Getting Right with God

01.28.18 - Today we start a new sermon series based the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans.  Pastor Gary will introduce this book and its central message of salvation that is offered to us by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This book is a masterpiece.  Today we begin the journey to discover its depths.

 Field of Dreams - Sermon #6

Field of Dreams - Sermon #6

Field of Dreams

01.21.18  Do you ever struggle to believe God's future promises, especially when your life situation seems to point to just the opposite? In this message, from Jeremiah 32, Pastor Gary shares about living by faith when you feel trapped in difficult and even impossible circumstances. Listen with an open heart and be ready to discover how God works in your life to build your "Field of Dreams".

        Tough Talk with God - Sermon #5

       Tough Talk with God - Sermon #5

Tough Talk with God

01.14.18 - Have you ever felt the struggle to keep silent when you felt God’s Spirit urging you to speak up?  In this powerful message, Assistant Pastor Jared continues our series from the book of Jeremiah with a story from chapter 20 about the prophet’s own inner struggle to hold back. He describes a fire in his heart that burns to get out.  Be inspired today by Jeremiah to be a bearer of God’s message to those around you!

 The Life and Times of Jeremiah - Sermon #4

The Life and Times of Jeremiah - Sermon #4

A New Covenant

01.07.18 - Pastor Gary Georgeson - In this message, we return to our series in the book of Jeremiah and look at God’s promise of a New Covenant – a Covenant that completely transforms our relationship with Him.  God put it all on the line so you could personally know and love Him forever! Let God’s Word prepare your heart for receiving Communion today, as your response to this message.

 Why Time Flies - A New Year Message

Why Time Flies - A New Year Message

Why Time Flies - A New Year Message

12.31.17 - On this New Year’s Eve Sunday, it is the perfect opportunity for us to stop and consider what God says about ‘Time.’ There is an important Biblical reason why the passage of time always seems to surprise us.  Listen to this message by Pastor Gary Georgeson and find out ‘Why Time Flies.’ It will help you prepare your heart for a truly Happy New Year!

       Prince of Peace - Advent Sermon #4

      Prince of Peace - Advent Sermon #4

Prince of Peace

12.24.17 - In thie fourth Advent sermon, Pastor Gary Georgeson shares about the Peace with God that Jesus offers us, followed by the journey of peace that we partake throughout our lives.  The Prince of Peace has come.  Will you receive Him?

        Feel the Joy - Advent Sermon #3

       Feel the Joy - Advent Sermon #3

Feel the Joy

12.17.17 - In this third message of Advent, Pastor Gary Georgeson shares an animated and illustrated, original poem followed by a message to help you to "feel the Joy" - a true JOY that is like no other. This Joy is for you today and the Lord is here to impart this Joy to all who will receive it. 

 Gift of Love - Advent Sermon #2

Gift of Love - Advent Sermon #2

Advent: A Gift of Love

12.10.17 - In this second message of Advent, Pastor Jared Paxton will focus on the truth of John 3:16, and bring the Christmas story alive by highlighting the moments when characters in the story encounter the transforming LOVE of God.  You are encouraged to listen with your heart and be open to the Lord encountering you with His ever-present, transforming love.

 Rediscovering Christ in Christmas - Advent Sermon #1 - HOPE

Rediscovering Christ in Christmas - Advent Sermon #1 - HOPE

Jesus Christ Our HOPE

12.03.17 - ‘Hope’ is traditionally the theme of the first Sunday in Advent, the Christian 4-week celebration of Jesus’ coming! In this message, your are encouraged to answer this question: What Hope has God given me for my life today? In addition, Pastor Gary Georgeson shares from the Bible on how Jesus transforms our lives with sure and lasting Hope.


 The Tale of Two Trees - Sermon #3

The Tale of Two Trees - Sermon #3

The Tale of Two Trees

11.26.17 -  In this message, from Jeremiah 17, Pastor Gary Georgeson shares a profound lesson about trusting in God, using the simple comparison of two trees.  Both children and adults can learn from this valuable message. It is simple, but when applied, this truth will change your life.

 The Life of Jeremiah Series - #2

The Life of Jeremiah Series - #2

Formed by His Own Hands

11.19.17  Are you getting knocked around and pressed upon from all sides? Do ever feel your life direction is totally up to you, and that God is far away from the things that you really face?  This bible message tells us that just the opposite is true.  God is intimately at work forming His vision of your life and calling, through every challenge and opportunity you face. Open your heart and mind to God’s voice, as Pastor Gary Georgeson shares this message, the 2nd message in the ‘Jeremiah the Prophet’ series.  


 The Life of Jeremiah Series - #1

The Life of Jeremiah Series - #1

The Calling of Jeremiah

11.12.17 - “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart.  I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jer 1:5) God spoke these words into the heart of Jeremiah and they forever changed his world.  The saga of Jeremiah’s calling has all the twists and turns, intrigue and drama of a Hollywood movie. It’s a story you will not forget; a story you can relate to. You may even see yourself in this story.  Pastor Jared Paxton shares this first message in the sermon series on "The Life of Jeremiah."  Enjoy.

The Secret to a Life of Joy

11.05.17 - Life is difficult, right?  Life has the ability to overwhelm us, and leave us frustrated or discouraged.  However, the Bible teaches an amazing secret about “a continuous feast” that God offers that will sustain us in joy every single day of our lives.  In this message, Pastor Gary Georgeson will share this amazing secret.

God's Faithfulness in the Midst of Suffering - Dr. Rose Madrid-Swetman

10.29.17 - In this inspiring message, Dr. Rose Madrid-Swetman shares about her life journey, which has been filled with great difficulty, sorrow and illness as well as healing and triumph. Her message is one of hope in the faithfulness of the Lord, even in the midst of life's challenges and suffering.


Federal Way Vineyard: Fulfilling God’s Mission

10.22.17 - This is the 7th and final sermon in our “Everyone Gets to Play” Fall Series. As part of this message, Pastor Jared will be answering the question, “What is the future of the Vineyard Church of Federal Way?” If the answer to this question is important to you, then listen up as Jared shares openly and passionately about God’s plan for what lies ahead for us

Why We Worship

10.15.17 - Across the globe, The Vineyard is known for its expression of intimate, powerful, and values-rich worship music. But in order to fully experience true worship as God intends it, it is important for each of us to answer the question, “Why do I worship?”  In this message, Pastor Gary will address this question and help each of us to embrace the answer, so that we can more fully experience Christ’s reality in worship – healed by His love, refreshed by His presence, and empowered by His Spirit.

Remember the Poor

10.08.17 - In Scripture, we see that God has a special place in His heart for the poor. Reminding us of the call to care for the impoverished among us, Jesus spoke words that challenge us today: …”Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these…you did for me.”  In this message, Pastor Gary will share how the Vineyard movement, and specifically our church, responds to this call.  You will also learn how each of us can be the hands and feel of Jesus to those most in need.

Holy Spirit: Naturally Supernatural

10.01.17 - In this fourth message of the "Everyone Gets to Play" sermon series, Pastor Gary Georgeson gives us a picture of the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and explains what it really means to walk in the Spirit. This message and it's truths are critical to the Christian faith. Listen, learn, be empowered. 

Everyone Gets to Play, Which Means YOU

09.24.17 - Have you read the bible and wondered, "When do I get to do this stuff, the amazing "God" stuff of the bible?" In the Vineyard we believe that's what we get to do, no matter what season of life you might be in. We call this "Everyone gets to play".  In this message, Pastor Jared Paxton teachs out of John 14 and reveals how you can "get into the game" in God's playground.  Everyone Gets to Play, which means YOU.

"The Time Has Come. The Kingdom of God is Near."

09.17.17 - What do you think of when Jesus says, "The Kingdom of God"? Do you think of The Church? Heaven? Christianity? When Jesus announced the coming of God's Kingdom, He had something specific - and absolutely amazing - in mind! Listen and here what Jesus came to do, and calls you to do - above everything else. This second message in the "Everyone Get's To Play" series will inspire you, challenge you, and might even change your life!


Everyone Gets to Play #1 - The Birth of the Vineyard

09.10.17 - In this message, the Lord will take you on a journey to discover where the Vineyard has come from and where we are going.  Listen and hear the story of the people who sparked the flame that led to...supernatural healings, authentic encounters with God, new intimacy in worship, and a spirit-filled revival that has  impacted the Christian Church around the world to this day.   Let's find out where we come from and who we are as a body of believers.  Let's uncover the unique qualities that God placed in the Vineyard (our DNA) from the start.  And, let's learn from our rich heritage as we seek to be the people and church that God has called us to be. 

A Wonderfully Impossible Invitation

09.03.17 - On the night before he was crucified, Jesus exhorted his disciples: "A new commandment I give to you: Love one another as I have loved you." (John 13:34). "As I have loved you"....This begs the question: How did Jesus actually love us? In this message, Pastor Gary unpacks this question as he helps us to understand and live out this “wonderfully impossible” invitation.  

God's Kingdom is Diverse

08.27.17 - Pastor Jared Paxton - In this message Pastor Jared Paxton shares about God’s view of diversity, which can be very different from our own. Listen and discover God’s heart for our divided world and learn how you can convey His heart in your own life, relationships and circumstances.

God's Message to His People in an Out-of-Control World

08.20.17 - Pastor Gary Georgeson - The ugly bigotry and violence in Charlottesville, the terrorist attacks in Barcelona, the escalation of threats from North Korea are all extremely unsettling.  As Christians, we can feel powerless…captive to social and political events unfolding around us.  Do you ever feel like a stranger in a strange land? A refugee in a Godless culture? I do. We can be tempted to despair or denial on one hand, or easy spiritual platitudes on the other.

How should we as God’s people understand our calling in today’s culture?  What is our message to be in this hour?  What is our action together to be toward our nation and our world?

This message, from the book of Jeremiah, will encourage and inspire you to live out the Lord’s purposes today. 

Loving for a Lifetime

08.13.17 Listen as Pastor Gary shares the final message in the Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion from the Song of Soloman series.  This series has opened our eyes to God’s plan for our most intimate relationships.  In this message, we will learn how they can last for a lifetime and be a light to the world!

Making Sparks Fly in Marriage

08.06.17   Pastor Gary continues the six-week series on the Song of Solomon, Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion. In this message, we learn from a young married couple the keys to keeping passion and attraction alive and growing well beyond the honeymoon.

Navigating Conflict

07.30.17  This is the 4th message in the six-week series on the Song of Solomon, "Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion". In this message, Pastor Gary Georgeson helps us learn from a young married couple how to deal with the anxieties, fears, and conflicts that come with genuine intimacy. Listen and let the Lord lead you to a deeper depth of unity in your marriage and other close relationships.

The Wedding...and the Night to Come

07.23.17 In this 3rd message, Pastor Jared continues the six-week series on the Song of Solomon titled Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion. Are you doing relationships your way or God’s way?  Pastor Jared will have you consider this question as he describes the blessings God intends for your relationship and the beauty in “waiting”.

Relationship Killers

07.16.17  In this 2nd message, Pastor Gary continues the six-week series on the Song of Solomon titled Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion.  In this sermon, you will learn about things that are not obvious that undermine our relationships.

The Power of Attraction

07.09.17 With this message, Pastor Gary begins a 6 week series on the Song of Solomon titled Sacred Sex: Lessons in Love, Intimacy and Passion. As we open the book, we find a young couple, still getting to know each other and very attracted to one another.  As we read about their relationship, we will look at the power and gift of sexual attraction, why it’s important to look beyond it, and what specific qualities to look for in a mate.  

The full Life Jesus Came to Give

07.02.17  Guest Speaker Pastor Rick McDaniel

Transtions: Is God Doing Something NEW in You? - Pastor Gary Georgeson

06.24.17 In this message,  Pastor Gary brings a prophetic word from Isaiah 43, where God reveals He is doing something new in us! Whether you realize it or not, you may be in a spiritual transition from old to new. What can you do to make sure you don't get 'stuck in transition'?  Listen and find out!


The Most Valuable Gift a Father Can Receive

06.18.17  If your father is alive on this Fathers’ Day, then you’ve likely sought the perfect gift for him. If you father has passed away, perhaps you wonder if he received what he needed most from you. What is the most valuable gift a father can receive? What is it that every father truly needs from his children. In this message, Pastor Gary reflects on these questions and reveals what the bible says about honoring and valuing our fathers.

Mission Unstoppable - The Final Chapter - Pastor Jared Paxton

06.11,.17  From the day of Pentecost and the struggles the first church encountered, to Paul and his many missionary journeys, God’s “unstoppable mission” continues. In this message, Pastor Jared Paxton recaps all of these adventures and concludes our series on the book of Acts.  However, the story does not stop here.  It continues on in you and me as we look to Him for the “unstoppable” mission He has for each of our lives. 

Paul and the Deadly Snake Bite - Pastor Gary Georgeson

06.0417  How important is Jesus’ mission in your life?  What do you do when your calling is threatened by the forces of evil? In this message, Pastor Gary continues our teaching series in the Book of Acts with the story of Paul’s encounter with a deadly viper and the lesson of how to protect your calling.

The Perfect STorm - Pastor Gary Georgeson

05.28.17 We have storms in life that can cause us great anxiety and lead us into despair.  This message, from Acts 27, is about Paul’s journey aboard a ship that encounters a devastating storm.  Paul’s reaction, and that of his shipmates, will teach us how to survive our own storms in life, and how to find hope and peace in the midst of them.

Celebration Sunday - Living a Called Life

05.21.17 - This "Celebration Sunday", all four of our pastors share short messages about “living the called life”, what this means in their lives and how they strive to walk out this calling in our church.  Listen and be encouraged as they share from their hearts. And, open your heart to what the Lord may be saying to you about the life you are living, the calling you have and how your life is affecting those around us.

A Mother's Sacred Calling

05.14.17 - In this message, Pastor Gary Georgeson brings us the moving story of Hannah from the Bible book of 1st Samuel.  When we first meet her, Hannah is a hurting woman with a deep passion for God's gift of motherhood.  Her prayers and commitment to the Lord are inspiring and enlightening for every mother --and grandmother--today! Celebrate Mother's Day by opening your heart to God's Word on the sacred calling of motherhood.

"Someday" and "Almost" - Pastor Gary Georgeson0

5.07.17 - In this message, from Acts 23-26, Paul meets two couples who have everything the world has to give, however their lives are broken and they are in desperate need of Jesus. The problem is, they will have to change their lifestyles. What they do at the moment of decision is a powerful lesson to us all.

The Power of a Story - Pastor Gary Georgeson

04.30.17 - In this message, from Acts 21-23, we find Paul in Jerusalem, having been severely beaten by a rioting crowd.  Before being dragged off to jail, Paul asks to address the crowd. What he says is an example of the most powerful and authentic form of evangelism available to us today. We can learn from Paul’s example AND the powerful testimnony of Laurie Hoggard, a member of our own congregation, about what God has done in her life.    

The Only Race that Matters - Pastor Cindy Jury

04.23.17 In this message, Pastor Cindy will explore what God has for each of us from Acts chapter 20, in which Paul expresses, “… I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” 

Living the Life of Your Dreams - Easter Message

04.15.17 - What is the life of your dreams? What does it look like? Is it stree-free, happy, filled with success and...what?  In this powerful Easter message, Pastor Gary looks at the elusive “life of our dreams” and compare it to the life that Jesus offers us, something He calls “life eternal”. You may just find that the path to the life of your dreams is right before you.  Will you follow it?

Dying to Live - Pastor Gary Georgeson

04.09.17 - This powerful message by Pastor Gary is about the amazing things Jesus said and did that first Palm Sunday.  Listen as Jesus tells us why He had to die and why, actually, we do too!

Filled by the Holy Spirit  - Pastor Jared Paxton

04.02.17 - In this message, Pastor Jared continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. In Acts 19, Paul prays for 12 Christians to be baptized the Holy Spirit and “they spoke in languages they had not known before. They also prophesied.”(Acts 19:6) Listen as Jared unravels this compelling story and helps us understand what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Longing for the Unknown God - Pastor Gary Georgeson

03.19.17 - This morning, Pastor Gary continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts.   He is preaching out of Acts Chapter 17, which is Paul’s famous sermon on Mars Hill.  Paul’s message can easily be applied to our own lives as it tells us how we can be a light for Jesus in a culture that does not know God.


Embracing the Word of God - Pastor Cindy Jury

3.12.17 - In this message, Pastor Cindy Jury continues our series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. She is preaching out of Acts 17, where we find two groups of people who respond very differently to the hearing of God’s Word. Which group are you?

Paul And Barnabas: When Personalities Clash - Pastor Gary Georgeson

03.05.17 - In this message, Pastor Gary continues the series “Mission Unstoppable” through the book of Acts. The end of Acts 15 tells the story of Paul and Barnabas, two Christian leaders who have a serious disagreement. Relationship clashes are a part of life and we can learn a lot as we discover how these two Christian leaders react in this challenge. You may even find yourself taking sides!

Religion of Works or Relationship of Grace - Pastor Gary Georgeson

02.26.17 - Open your bible to Acts 15 and ready your heart for a message on what God wants from you as you come into His family. Whether you are a “seeker”, new to God’s family or you have been His child for decades you will benefit from this insightful message


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